Unveiling the Digitization of API Insurance of Cars


Nov 2, 2020

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For high-risk drivers, finding low-cost car insurance is quite hard. The insurance companies are charging the high-risk drivers some higher rate of premiums with cars' API insurance. It can be quite a challenge when you tend to find low-cost auto insurance.

The Need for Digitalization

Customers' demands some digital experiences on the go as they need some immediate resolutions. The unsatisfied customers knock on the competitor's door as it all takes a few clicks, and they have already switched the brand when an insurer fails to deliver an enhanced experience. And this is API insurance of cars is supposed to be.

The reduction in the underwriting and claims-processing costs is what the customer experience is supposed to be with the digitalization and its address. As much as 30% of the time on the claims processing with the modern platforms are saved along with witnessing the policy growth of over 260% is what the companies save here.

What exactly is Low-Code Insurance? And is it Cheaper?

It seems impossible to get out of them entirely as these are the companies that are so invested and immersed in their legacy systems. It poses some significant hurdles, too, when it comes to the regulation and compliance here.

It generally can take ages when you build a solution with a traditional coding approach for handling these issues. The insurance companies' main reason to shy away from embracing new technologies is through this long time cycle.

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You will be able to build apps 10X faster with the low-code application development platforms. In a matter of a few hours rather than the months, they would be allowing for the changes to applications. This is an effective solution for insurance companies, and it also brings about a remarkable improvement.

The following are a few other benefits that are driving the low-code platform adoption:

• Boosting Policy Profitability

To engage your customers at the correct touchpoints, including the mobile, web, chatbot, and more, to sell the right policies in or even with the upsell and cross-sell, as you need to create the digital solutions for this. Along with the wallet of your agent, you can grow customer satisfaction scores.

• Cut Underwriting & Claims-Management Costs

According to the reports, around 40% of the insurers are looking for solutions that can decrease the underwriting and claims management costs. Low-code platforms for the digital-first MGA cuts down the processing time, reducing the support costs eventually since it automates the manual processes.

• Decrease IT Legacy Costs

It can create interdependencies of different systems, forming a web that is tedious to get rid of with the legacy platforms that have accumulated over the years to come. Low-code platforms can accelerate the building solutions to enable the migration in phases is what it allows.

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In turn, to enhance data transparency, an open API framework can help integrate the data sources and the core systems. IT legacy can also cost with the data standardization and migration done with the price that would start to drop gradually.

• Gain a Competitive Edge

For a better experience, some customers are ready to switch their brands. The digital-first insurance companies must stay ahead of the insurance curve, offering good things to the market.

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